How do I tell you about angel kisses,
Without sounding witless, or telling a lie?
How do I tell you how they kissed each woman,
The night after their mothers had died?

These women lived miles and miles apart,
Had never met at all in their lives.
Had not known friends of each other's,
Nor did they know the other's mother had died.

Yet, a few months ago, the two became friends,
On the internet we all know so well.
They had begun talking about their mothers,
They nearly fainted when they heard what each had to tell.

They told of the second night, they could not sleep, only grieve,
And a lovely, soft, sweet kiss was placed on one's cheek.
She had been tossing and turning until this kiss by the Angel, Fair,
But now, she was at peace, the peace one can get, so rare.

The other knew exactly of what she had spoken, so clearly,
For when her dear mother had crossed through the veil,
Talking all night the first night, she grieved, and talked early.
Night two, she lay down, a kiss, soft and sweet, came through her travail.

She thought, for a moment, that it might be her Little Mama, so near,
No, it was a sweet Angel Kiss, sent from the Lord, ever Dear.
He comforted the two women with Angel kisses, wondrously sweet,
It gave them a gentle understanding, and merciful inner peace.






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