My Friend, My Blessing

I know I haven't told you for quite a long time
 So I'm telling you right now my dear online friend,
 I love you for all your kind and considerate ways
And for your love wrapped in the emails you send.

You never seem to mind when I don't answer back
Or if your in-box has nothing in it to you from me,
You keep on giving from your endearing heart
Because that's the kind of friend you are, you see.

You give of yourself from your sweet heart to me
And your Godly love keeps flowing right on out,
The deep well of your love never runs empty or dry
For God refills it over and over again, no doubt.

Your tender thoughts mean the world to me
And your prayers have seen me through so much,
For when I was down you prayed to God for me
Asking Him  to bless me with His heavenly touch.

So this comes to you filled with love and hugs
To thank you for all the kind things that you do,
And I pray to the Lord Jesus on His throne above
That He multiplies my blessings right back to you.

Thank you my friend for being who you are
For being my wonderful friend with angel wings,
You are the Godly inspiration of my heart and soul
And you cause my spirit to rejoice and sing.

by Barbara Henson






Made with Love by Dot McEntire

The music you are hearing is
"Before The Next Teardrop Falls"
by Freddie Fender


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