Happy Birthday, My Precious Friend~
How I would love to be with you to eat a big old piece of that PINK CAKE UP THERE^! I stayed up all night baking that cake just for you!
God bless you my friend on this your special day and in the days to come. Praying for the time when we can be together for real hugs and a trip to the bookstore! LOL!
Got some new flannel jammies and I am READY TO GO!

God knew I had a special need
He sent you to my side
To soften all the hurtful blows
For all the times I've cried.

For you are a child of God
And do His work on earth
Others, you lift up in prayer
And help them know their worth.

Often times, we need to know
We are the children of the King.
You bring that message to my heart
And to those words I cling.

I have been blessed by your love
And kindness through the years -
You've listened to my trials and
Have taught me not to fear.

For we have a Master who loves us so
And in His arms I rest.
You have helped me strengthen my faith
And O how I am blessed.

When we reach our heavenly home
And sit neath the throne of our King.
We will praise Him, adore Him,
and sing, sing, sing!

What a day that will be - to meet Him
Face to face.  His love, His mercy, His
Constant love -
Granted by His grace.

You are my Sister in the Lord
You make my days so sweet -
I will wait for the day, we will gather
To sit at the Master's feet. 

What a day, glorious day that will be!
With love always,

Happy, Happy Birthday, Sweetness!

Hope Mr. Bill will make you his Queen for a Day since the rest of us can't be with you in person to do it ourselves.
We love you so dearly and we wish you a birthday to always remember.
We Love You!

(((Huggs))) and Prayers,

Mary Catherine

Happy Birthday my dear sweet friend,

 I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you. To watch you cut the cake and see the glow in your eyes. You are one of my very special group of friends and I hope the day is glorious for you. Love you sweetie.

You have been one of my most faithful friends on the internet.
All the best

Love, Tammy

My precious Doede

I wish the bestest Birthday in the world for you ..I wish we could have a big party . We would have so much fun
I love you
so much
A lot of wishes coming your way . And all good ones
Happy Birthday Love you


I sure do love you!
your baby girl

Tonya 'Honky"

Hi Mez Doede,
Are you still having B/D's? Geee you would think that if you stop having them you can just stay young forever. lol
It's an honor to call you my friend, I appreciate all the prayers and encouragement you have sent my way. May you always be as precious to everyone as you are to me.
Love & Prayers


Happy Birthday Doede.

Hope your birthday is a great one because all great people like you deserve a beautiful birthday.

Happy Happy Birthday,

 Momssssssss..... You came into my life for a reason and I know what a special person you are. You deserve a special day filled with much happiness and love. I love you so much.

with love,
Your anonymous phone caller, LOL


Ps. I will never forget that day. :o)



Happy Happy Happy Birthday to a very special lady. Honey I wish you all the happiness that you can stand!!!! mmmmmmm that cake looks good!!

Love ya, girl.

Hi Doede,

Happy Birthday to one Special Lady. Love you lots  
Kathy Dauzet


Wishing you the Happiest Birthday yet, for you are one of the sweetest "sisters" I have. Love you much my friend and May God Bless you with a wonderful birthday and many, many more!

Bren Estes


Happy Birthday my wonderful friend. I hope that your day is as special and blessed as you are hun. Miss you and love you bunches. (((((Doede)))))

God Bless
Hugs & Love, Margie B.


A very Happy Birthday Greetings to a dear sweet special lady who I am so proud to call my friend.

I ask the Lord to continue to bless you & I wish you much happiness always. Now make a wish and blow out the candles..1,2,3,....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOEDE!!!! May all your wishes come true.

Love Ya Lots,


Dear Sister Doede,

I wish you many, many HAPPY BIRTHDAY'S and God's blessings be hundred fold for you.

Love you,
Sandy Horne


We wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and hope you have the best birthday ever! Relax and enjoy your day your way.

Jeff and Elizabeth Zembry


Happy Birthday my Precious Preacher
Woman, the Lord has blessed me with your presence in email, and given me the most glorious gift of your friendship.

I love and adore you.... Tulsa


What would the world do without the confusion of 2 Gloria's??? *smile*

God knew just what He was doing when He created you! I love you my sister, and I pray God's richest blessings upon you this upcoming year of your life. What a blessing you have been to mine!



In His Hands,
This Gloria :)

The Other Gloria


WOW! Another year! Hope you have a happy birthday today. May you be richly blessed for the many years to come. We love you very much. You truly are a special angel.

Crystal Gambrell (gloria's daughter)


My dear sweet Doede,

I wish you a very happy & blessed birthday. May God give you many more to come in the years ahead.
You are & always have been such an inspiration to me & have encouraged me when I didn't think I could go on. God has truly blessed me with you as a friend. I pray that I can be as much of a blessing to you as you have been to me :-)
Thank you Lord for Doede !!

I love you Doede !!


Hello My Special Sister!

I wish you the ABSOLUTE best that God can possibly offer you on your special day! I know I never say it enough just how much you mean to me! I don't know why, but God has chosen ME to be a part of your life, and I am truly honored!

My Love For You Is Eternal!



My Dear'st Doede,

Oh how I miss our precious moments on Yahoo! messenger. I have such wonderful memories of those special morning moments with you. I do not hear from you much and I know you do not hear much from me. BUT...You are always in my prayers and in my thoughts; especially when my Cardinals come to my feeder.
Happy Birthday, my Friend.

May God bless.


I want to thank You, Lord, for giving Doede another year here on earth to serve You, as she also serves others, in love. Lord God, I pray that you bless her with many more years. She's such a blessing to me & to all who know her. Bless her with health & peace as she ministers to her sweet hubby, their family, their church & all of her friends. May she continue in love, to spread Your Word to all around her. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Doede, my sweet sis,

I love you & wish with all my heart we could be there to give you a big BD hug & eat your cake! When you come here, I'll bake you a cake! Love you soooo much. Be blessed today & every day.

Your sissy in Spirit & in my heart,

Sharon Lynn & Darell too


Happy Birthday Doede,

know that I am wishing you a day of many blessings. Wish I could be with you to celebrate your day. I love you my friend. I hope all your wishes come true.



Happy Birthday dear Doede.

I love you and pray God will bless you with good health and lots of love all through the next year. May your birthday be filled with family, friends and a big cake and ice cream to share laughter over.

Hugs and much love.


Happy birthday to a very precious and wonderful woman who will be guaranteed special angel wings. You are an angel on earth to me and many others Doede. May all your wishes come true and God bless you for the new year.
Hugs and love always.

Sharon Lee

Dear Doede,

The one who lights up a room when she enters.
Bringing love, hope and encouragement to those that are in need of God's loving healing touch! Thanks for touching my life and so many special ways!
Happy Birthday and Happy Happy New Year!
The best is yet to come....get ready!!!

Stacey Lunsford


Wishing my Mommie a very blessed day filled with love, happiness and joy. You are so precious to me and I thank God everyday for giving me the Mother He did. You are not only my Mother, but my dear, dear friend.

I love you with all my heart!


Happy happy birthday precious, sweet, caring Doede...

these wonderful greetings by all who love you, show what a special person you are my friend.... you reap what you sow..... you are always sowing to others lives, being a blessing to all who know you... now it`s  time for you to reap the rewards, well some of them anyway.... Our Father has many many more for you in heaven..... let me say, how personally to me you have been an inspiration Doede... you always have a fit word in season & out....the right words for every occasion ... THANK YOU for being my FRIEND.....

I LOVE YOU always Doede...xoxo
Betty (Aussie friend)

Happy Birthday Sweet Sis!

I'm with Pinkie because I would love to be sharing birthday cake with you this year! As for the bookstore, ummmm....oh alright I'll give you another chance! ROFL!

Love you Much Sis!

Your Linda-Lou

Hello dear Doede,

For your birthday present I have made this page with all the greetings on it. Happy Birthday my sweet friend!  The song you hear playing is from me to you and it says it all!

I love you so very much!
Dot McEntire

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