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Our Grandson, Brent's heavenly birthday...
April 9th , 1995 - Age 15
Death due to Melanoma cancer
Suffered for 2 years.
Last moments spent M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas.

This is last picture taken of him. About 3 wks. before God carried him to his heavenly Home. (I took this picture) Isn't it beautiful! Looks as if our Precious Brent is getting ready to stroll into Heaven. Favorite Scripture: (Philippians 1:6)

Our Grandson, Brent, waiting for us in heaven


He was the bravest man
I have ever known.
He feared nothing;
Not even death.

He faced the suffering
with a sense of humor.
No time for sorrow;
He was too busy living.

Death itself knew
He had no fear of it.
So it humbly sneaked in
And took him by surprise.

Oh God that we could be
So brave but we never will.
Brent Ellis was the bravest man
I have ever known.

Remembering Brent's Ninth Year In Heaven


~ Brent ~

My suffering is over
  My pain is through,
  I'm with the Lord
  You will be, too.

  I can still watch you 
  So please don't cry,
  I'm not in a grave
  I'm with God On High.

  I'll be watching in the morning
  At the first crack of light,
  I'll be sneaking a kiss
  In the middle of the night.

  When you think of me 
  I'll be there,
  I'll see your tears
  I know you care.

  I live in the Lord
  And He lives in me,
  So in your heart
  I'll always be. 

  For if He lives in me
  And He lives in you,
  And I live in Him
  I live in you, too.

  So I'll always be there
  We'll never be apart,
  I'll be with Him
  Deep in your heart.

Poem is by Cathy Henrie
With Love and Prayers,
Mary Catherine

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