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This page is in memory of our two precious Angels we never got to embrace in our arms. they are now waiting for us
(with Jesus) in their heavenly home.
( 1st Thessalonians 4:13-18)

I know you not my little one
Your life was over before its begun
My dreams for you will not come true
I had not the chance to think pink or blue
Your life within was so real
So too, the love I have for you
Heaven's child you will be
And to me
... A precious memory

--Written by Elois Cole


My Precious Angels

Oh, precious lives that grew within me,
Product of our dearest love,
How I yearn to hold you closely,
Though you’ve flown to heaven above.

I know that you are safe and well now,
Cuddled close in angels’ wings,
But I longed to get to know you
And to share our earthly things.

I know the wonder of God’s heaven
Surely has you in its thrall,
And the joys we could have shown you
Here on earth are truly small.
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But, oh! My darlings, how I love you!
How I wish you could be here!
Did you kiss my cheek in passing
As you flew to heaven, dears?

Though you cannot come back to us, darlings,
Some day we will come to you.
And in heaven we’ll finally meet you;
Until then, we’ll love you true.

For you are part of us forever,
Though we never saw you here,
And we love you without measure.
Always you’re our babies dear.

Written for Doede and her Angel Babies
With great love, January 2005
by Saralyn McAfee Smith




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