Thank You Lord For These Golden Years

From these golden years I can now look back,
O’er the hills and the valleys, where I left my tracks,
And it’s a mighty long journey, from there to here,
As I’m now experiencing, these golden years.

Many times I stumbled, and many times I fell,
But I made it through, and now I’m here to tell,
About those times when I laughed,
and the times I shed tears.
Oh, thank You Lord for these golden years.

Tho the color of my hair, is now silver lined,
Joy and contentment, I still can find,
So, again I say thanks, for my being here,
Enjoying these days, of my golden years.

Now, I know where I’m headed,
as I live these golden years,
For there’s a place called heaven,
and I know that it’s near.
But I’m happy that I can say, before I leave here,
Thank You Lord, for these golden years!!

 copyrighted Clyde L. Heathcock Sr.


The song that is playing is entitle: "Then I Met The Master" and it's my dad singing tenor - this song is copyrighted so please don't take it without permission. My dad sang tenor for several groups and I'm so thankful he was the kind of dad I could look up to.

Below is a photo of me and my dad taken shortly after his 91st birthday.





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