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The music you are hearing is
"Que Sera Sera"
by Doris Day.

The top picture is of me when I was a little girl. I decided to put pictures on this page of our children and grandchildren when they were small. This song is very special to me and to my family.


They say that all Grandmothers
Are inclined to brag a bit,
And that there is something in that
I frankly must admit.

For since I've reached that stage-
And all my friends have too-
I'm floored by all the bragging
These other grandmothers do.

To hear them rave you'd think
This old human race
Was fast becoming Supermen
At a tremendous pace.

Yet when I see these boys and girls,
Their grandmother's pride and joy,
each seems to me to be
Quiet an ordinary girl or boy!

Of course I humor them along
And I say I think they're fine,
But you can see the difference
If you've ever noticed mine.

My own are so much cuter, smarter,
Handsomer than theirs.
I can afford to humor them
When they put on such airs.

I'm really glad that I don't brag
Like other Grandmas do.
I've so much more to brag about
If I just wanted to !


Bill wrote this when our oldest daughter, Kimberly, became engaged.

You know it was going to
happen, but when it became
a reality you seem to feel
somewhat different. Like
the recall of the little girl
getting ready for school,
or for the piano lesson.

You also let your thinking
rush ahead to the possibility
of grandchildren and a severence
of apron strings. You also think
about the shortness of life itself.

An obtainable goal seems to
have been reached an era
completed, or maybe you
could just say our love has
blossomed into another family.

The feeling is hard to describe
when your daughter tells you
she is soon to wed. It is a
happy, as when you first open
a present, and sad, when the
present doesn't fit.

Our Love, Dad and Mom
Papa and "Mom Doede"

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On the left is our grandson, Michael. On the right is our daughter, Kimberly (about five here).


On the left is our grandson, Jared. On the right is our granddaughter, Meagan (Jared's sister).

Joshua, Justis and JacobKyle

On the left is our grandsons, Joshua, Justis and Jacob. On the right is our grandson, Kyle.


On the left is our granddaughter, Caedee. On the right is our daughter, Debbie (about three here).


On the left is our daughter, Tonya. On the right is our granddaughter, Heather.


Above is our grandson, Brent (who went home to be with our Lord).





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Song you are listening to is "Que Sera Sera" by Doris Day.