The King Of Kings Arose

Gather around, I have something to share.
It's truly a beautiful, inspiring Biblical story.
It tells of the death of a man named Jesus Christ.
And how He arose in all His wonderous glory.

He was sent to this earth to die for our sins.
Although many were blinded by fear and hate,
"Crucify Him, crucify him", they were all shouting,
As He stood silent before Pilate's gate.

He was tried and convicted upon that dark day.
Then, He was beaten with forty, long, painful lashes,
And you could see His blood dripping to the ground
Flowing so freely from all of His deep, red gashes,

He carried His own cross up a hill called Golgotha.
It was most certainly a despicable and lonely place.
Then they hung Him high upon a wooden cross,
Where they laughed and mocked Him to His face.

"Come down if you can, if you are really God",
And show us your mighty power this very day.
But His love held Him firm to that old, rugged cross.
It was a heavy price that He was willing to pay.

He hung there in agony, knowing the end was near.
And He cried out to God in the heaven's above.
Then suddenly He breathed His last and shouted,
"Father, I have showed them Your mercy and love".

As the sky turned black, there arose a great noise,
Loud thunder and lightning flashed across the sky.
The people all scattered and ran fast for their lives,
Fearing that they might be the next one to die.

For two days and three nights, He laid in the grave;
Where He took back the keys of death and hell.
But on the third morn, the tomb started to rattle,
And the King of Kings arose alive and well.

I've shown My undying love to you and the world,
And the price that I paid for your soul to be free.
My child if you are tired and are laden with sin,
My arms are alway's open, so come unto Me!

Written by Barbara Henson

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They crucified Him on Mount Cavalry,
His side they pierced, to cause agony.
They nailed Him on a cross, they made from a tree.
Oh, the pain that He suffered, for you and for me.

He Lives today, He Lives today
He lives in a very real way.
He lives today, He lives today,
Within me He lives in a very real way.

He could have called all His angels that day,
To come and free Him and take Him away,
But He chose to free us from sin's dread sway
And the blood that He shed was the only way.

He lives today, He lives today,
He lives in very real way,
He lives today, He lives today
Within me He lives in a very real way.

When all of life's blood had flowed from His
He called to His Father, who knew of His pain
He cried, "It is finished"-My Savior proclaimed
Then died on the cross to end all sins shame.

He Lives today-He lives today.
He Lives in a very real way
HE lives today-He lives today
Within me He lives in a very real way.

They kept their eyes on the tomb each day
For He told them He'd arise upon the third day
The stone that had sealed, was rolled away
The tomb was now empty, He arose from the grave.

He lives today-He lives today.
He lives in a very real way.
He lives today, He lives today.
Within me He lives in a very real way.
- Clyde Heathcock 1972

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