Have A Beary Happy Easter

Easter To Me

As we draw near the Easter season
with colored eggs by the crate!
With everything pretty that we see,
don't forget what we celebrate!

Easter bonnets, bunnies and fuzzy chicks,
and hunting the eggs are fun,
but we really must remember,
what happened to God's only Son.

Jesus, God's Son came to Earth.
Born to a virgin and lay in a manger.
Wise men came from far away,
They wanted to see this little Stranger!

This little Boy grew up and then,
He performed great miracles they say.
God's Bible tells us all about Him.
And what happened to Him that day.

He had done nothing wrong, only good.
Yet they hung Him on Calvary's Cross.
He died there and then in three days He arose,
So we would not suffer loss!

His shed blood that day on the cross,
washed away our sins for good.
All we must do is repent and then,
He will save us, He said He would!

But we must be sorry deep in our heart,
for our sins have made Him so sad.
And when we turn away from them.
He will make our heart glad!

Because He arose from the grave,
He can give us eternal life.
We'll live in Heaven forever more.
Completely without any strife!

The day the world has chosen for Easter
is the day we celebrate His arising.
The fact that, that day may not be right,
is really not too surprising!

The world has taken our Easter
and completely changed it's flavor.
No matter what Easter may mean to others,
to me it's about my Savior!

[ by Dot Wilson -- from 'Theme stream' ]

From http://www.skywriting.net/poems/



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