From the light of Jesus everything becomes so clear...
By listening with an open heart His tender voice we hear...

No more to roam in darkness, His Holy Spirit guides the way,
Making perfect our dim pathway as we face each breaking day.

With the ears of Jesus we live, we learn and understand,
We're no longer all alone in this barren, foreign land.

With the mouth of Jesus we give praise to His name,
Hearts full of thanksgiving... we will never be the same.

With the love of Jesus applied to every walk of life,
Cares are 'oft forgotten, no more sadness, no more strife.

With the hands of Jesus we learn to serve so humbly,
Always striving, always willing to be all He'd have us be.

As He daily walks beside us, guiding us in all we do,
with the mind of Jesus our frail lives have been renewed.

By praying as He taught us we can finally comprehend,
How He takes the broken pieces... and our heart completely mend.

Still, there's much we'll never know no matter how hard we try,
But 'thru grace we will endure 'till we bid this world goodbye.

Someday He'll come to get us and with Him we shall arise,
The clouds shall move aside as we ascend into the skies.

We'll enter thru the gates and then finally understand,
Forever there with Jesus basking in His promised land.

When the Holy Spirit is working...GREAT THINGS can happen. Once strangers, Doede and Brenda, found friendship on the internet and combined their efforts with prayer to achieve this poem. God places us where He wants us, when He wants us there.....and then HE works through us....may He be glorified through this poem.

copyright by İDoede Poston and İBrenda Ball
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