Love Is The Reason Why

Who is to blame? I asked my sweet Savior.
Is it I or another? I know its not from You;
This fear and dread in my troubled mind.
Is love the reason I feel the way I do?
I have tried to understand for so very long.
Not letting go, but questioning reasons why.
In my helplessness, my trust prevails,
As I turn my eyes towards You and cry.
Dear Lord is it fear that dims Your light of love?
If it is, dear God, please do help me understand;
So I may be assured of Your victory in this storm.
Help me, Father, to hang onto Your steady hand.
Jesus, it's my desire to be obedient; just like You.
Yet, I am only human and it seems I fail so often.
I glorify You, Lord Jesus, for Your faithfulness;
To give me grace and mercy in spite of my sin.
Father I have a heart that's blind in my despair.
Help me live my life as an example unto Thee.
Although I walk through valleys of darkness;
May others see my life, with you living in me.
May Your Spirit flow through my hurting heart
Filling me with Your love, peace and guidance.
I wait on You knowing love is the reason why,
You are with me in every circumstance.
Thank You for re-filling my cup and not leaving me.
Your kindness and mercy make me want to cry.
My peace You've restored and I will keep trusting;
Your love flowing within my heart is the reason why.
Written and   by Doede Poston (2008)

(Thank you Barbara for your help)


LORD, Don't You Care?
(Read:  Mark 4:35-41)

He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, "Peace, be still! -- Mark 4:39

Two of the most telling questions in the New Testament were asked of Jesus by people who loved Him deeply.  When a fierce storm threatened to sink their boat in the Sea of Galilee, his disciples asked, "Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?" [Mark 4:38]. 

On another occasion, as a relaxed Mary listened to Jesus, a tense Martha came from the kitchen and said, "Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to serve alone?" ....[Luke 10:40].

Both questions were asked by people who had seen the power of Jesus and expected Him to step in and relieve their anxiety.  When it seemed that the Lord was ignoring their situation, an element of exasperation was added: "Don't You care?"

The Scripture does not give the tone of Jesus' voice, but I suspect that His replies were gentle and caring. "Why are you so fearful?" [Mark 4:40].  "Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things" [Luke 10:41].

When we are feeling alone or overwhelmed by our circumstances, we often cry out, "Lord, don't You care?"  But when Jesus calms our storm and speaks our name, we realize that we have so much more to learn about His compassion for us, and we long to trust Him with all our cares.  And we walk on trusting in the saving power of Jesus Christ the Lord.

By Hart Dowd

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