The poem below was written by my Daddy for the anniversary of 911.

Our most tragic incident, happened one year ago today,
When Terrorist Pilots flew commercial Jets , in a sneaky way,
Hitting New York's Two Trade Center Towers, on that 9/11 day,
We saw it all on National T.V., with surprise and dismay!

Those suicide missions were performed, with hijacked planes,
Leaving thousands of innocent folks dead, there in zero lane.
Both towers soon collapsed, 200 floors fell down far below,
As a confused people were seeking, a safe place to then go!

Debris from the falling towers, covered many on death row,
And at no time was the rescuer's spirit, ever close to "low"!
Although confusion and anticipation was present, everywhere,
As I watched it on T.V., I actually felt that I was there!!

Firemen and Police came from their stations, near and far,
Some met death from the falling debris, and became a "Star"!
Words cannot describe the scenes, happening during that time,
As co-workers, spouses, and friends died, due to that crime!!

Of course all passengers on those planes, instantly died too,
They knew "their time" was here, with no time to say Adieu!
It was now time to pray to their God, as they felt His hand!
Leading them to a better place, a place not plagued by man!!

Minutes later a third plane flew directly, into the Pentagon,
Killing and hurting many, Hitting where remolding had gone on,
America was under an attack, make no mistake about that fact!
With the death toll steadily rising, due to this evil attack!

It didn't end there, for a fourth Terrorist Jet was reroute,
Possibly on the way to D.C., but passengers joined the pursuit!
Attacking the Pilot, and causing the Jet to crash near Pittsburgh!
And all aboard met death, and all knew death was soon to occur!

How and why could these things happen, here in the U.S.A.?
The country that promotes Freedom and Peace, everyday!
Evil stems from people, who have no care for themselves,
A people who have lost loved, and into sin have now delved!!

It's a first for our Nation, we have now had a hit within!
That instantly killed thousands, others with hurts received then,
Let us pay tribute to all of those, who so gallantly came forth,
To serve those in need, remembering the tragedy's "source"!

As I tried to paint these stories with words, I humbly prayed!
For the families of those "taken", and for those who "stayed"!
Tho we'll never understand "why", down here on this earth,
Someday It'll all be clear, if we've experienced a "new Birth"!

Father, keep us close to Thee!
--Clyde Heathcock SR.

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