I'm going to talk to Jesus
About you my child today,
It's here at His Footstool...
I'll bow my head and pray.

With His Loving arms around you,
He'll understand all I say.
He said He'd send His Comforter
To help us along His way.

I know I've been with Jesus
He's So Almighty!
He kept His arms around me
While He listened tenderly.

I'm going to stroll with Jesus
Through out Eternity,
With His loving arms around me,
His precious face I'll see.

Please go and visit Jesus,
He's your Almighty King!
His Joy, and peace and comfort,
And love for you,
He'll bring.

I want us to stroll together
Through out eternity,
With His loving arms around us,
Then His precious face we'll see! !

Copyright 2004-Doede








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Entitled: "Where Could I Go"
played by Kevin Williams.

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