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I can't imagine all that you've gone through,
I wish I could remove the hurt within you.
We've a Father, I know who is faithful and true,
He promised His Comforter, I know He loves you.
His Almighty presence I enter now,
At the Footstool of our Savior, I now bow,
To wipe all your tears, He surely knows how.
Then I'll glorify our Lord, with my raised brow!

I've entered boldly at His Throne of grace,
Obtaining Mercy for sins He will erase.
With love, He intercedes with His hidden face,
Blessing me for being in His presence in this place.

I'm glad it's not up to me, to calm the storms,
For I haven't the power to remove even one.
He'll send the rainbow for us to adorn,
Then we'll take His Peace, embraced in His loving arm!

--Doede Poston
Sept. 5, 2001


When I can remember only one moment each day,
I thank our God for each Petal on my way.
It's not what I see or do, which strengthens joy in my life,
It's those Petals from my God as I'm traveling through this strife.

Though I'm unable now, to remember,
Which flower you are, it really doesn't matter,
For I remember the Creator of this Flower,
And of the lights, from each "Awesome star!"
To God Be The Glory!

--- Doede Poston
Written for my Therapists and Nurses, while I was in Rehab, during Treatment following my Brain Injury.
They placed this Poem in a frame and kept it on the Nurses and Therapist Desk.
Oct. 1995

The poem below is from my dear friend, Barbara. She has her own poetry site. Please pay her a visit... you will be so glad you did!

Barbara's Poetry Site

My Love Will Have No End

Word's can't convey how my heart really feel's
And there isn't enough time in a single day,
To express how very much you mean to me
And how blessed I am since you came my way,

My love for you flow's straight from my heart,
Flowing gently like an endless river or sea,
Sent from Gods hand in the heaven's above
Flowing forever and ever, to you from me,

You have a "special" place deep in my heart
And no one can ever take that from me,
You are a beacon of faith, hope and love
All of which you share so tenderly,

My heart can't contain all my love for you
It keep's growing in such a beautiful way,
Surely the loving Father has supplied it to me
So that I can share His love with you today,

Yes dear one, my love for you will have no end
Because I'll love you forever and ever until I die,
For I love you now, and I'll love you tomorrow
And I'll love you in Heaven, in the sweet by and by.

Written by Barbara Henson

Dedicated to Doede, one of the most sweet, loving & caring person's that I have ever known. I count it a joy & a privilege to be able to call her my "friend". She is such a blessing to all who know her.... and is truly...."God's servant". I love you Doede :-) May God continue to use you as his tool as you go through this life. You are sooooo loved.




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