Live in the sunshine, and you'll be happy
Tho clouds are hanging from shore to shore.
Jesus will paint them, turn them to rainbows,
And drive your troubles far from your door.

Turn loose of your smiles, they're made of sunshine,
God's love and beauty, and they are free.
His love will shine then, beaming so brightly,
And you'll be happy, inwardly.

Live in the sunshine, Heavenly sunshine,
Why live in darkness, against God's will.
Make life worth living, let all be brighter,
Live in the sunshine, and do His will.

1997 Clyde L. Heathcock, SR.
All Rights Reserved


I want to walk with Jesus,
I want to hold His hand.
Walk through the Garden of Eden,
And stand on Beulah land.

Let me walk, let me walk with Jesus,
Down life's rugged pathways,
Casting aside all my burdens
With a trust in God each day.

Let me walk on the streets of Heaven,
Down those golden avenues.
There my feet will both be covered
With those heavenly golden shoes.

We'll walk through the Jordan River,
We'll walk through the Red Sea.
We'll walk through Heaven's portals,
Where my new home shall be.

-- 1997 Clyde L. Heathcock, Sr
All Rights Reserved


Heaven came down, and brought Gloria to our home,
Like an angel she came, more brighter than chrome,
She filled our house, with heaven's joy and love,
And we knew she had been sent, from heaven above.

Her hair hung in ringletts, and her eyes showed her love,
That's how we knew, she was from heaven above,
She was so precious and dainty, and her skin so fair,
And since coming from heaven, her breed had to be rare.

But two days after she arrived, she became very ill,
Then the doctor came out, and brought her a new pill,
It was to fight infection, and they called it a "wonder".
But she was healed I know, by my Friend "out yonder".

Now she's grown to be a lady, and a mother of three,
Beautiful and gentle, and looks a whole lot like me,
She knows where she came from, and knows why she's here,
For she's a servant for Jesus, and serves without fear!

Clyde L. Heathcock, Sr
2-23-96 All Rights Reserved


Each day we live is recorded, in heaven's Book of life,
On earth maybe you're watched, by a husband or a wife,
Others are viewing your lifestyle, their eyes are upon you,
What you do attracts them, your lifestyle inspires them too!

As a Christian "Inspiration", to a friend or someone unknown,
Realize that you're a model, due to the ways you've shown,
Living on earth's wrong side, your footprints are poisoned,
And the record Book will show, a life filled with erosion!

Even within our families, we forget they are watching us,
Our children with a love for parents, build upon "trust",
And if what we do is wrong, then we're leading them astray,
Those footprints may become permanent, at the end of the day!

There's no perfect lives here, yet the price has been paid!
We must ask for forgiveness, so forgiveness won't be delayed,
As an "example" for others, your footprints are left behind,
which could in turn cause God's wrath, on you to soon unwind!

So, tread lightly my friend, strive for that "narrow" gate,
Let yesterday be a guide, for tomorrow's uncertain date,
Screen what you did or said, correct as you daily go,
Be a good Christian "Inspiration", let the record Book show!

Clyde L. Heathcock, Sr
All Rights Reserved

"If you had to pay the price"

If you had to pay the price, For the Salvation you received,
If you came up with dollars and cents, you were deceived!
Nothing in this world, could even make a small payment,
The thought is far out, it may be worth the time to frame it!

Even if you knew what was coming, like our Savior did,
Would you carry a cross, knowing that someday sin you'd rid?
Would you keep calm, as you fall and stumble up that hill?
Would you ask for help, knowing it was all the Father's Will?

If we had to pay the Price, that our Saving Jesus did,
We'd pray then and there, Oh, Dear God, Please Forbid!!!
God knew His Son could do it, fulfilling His Father's Will!
He knew He'd die on that cross, There on Golgtha's Hill!!

No, We can never repay Him, For what He did that time for us!
But we can be His desciples, havin faith and dedicated trust!
For "Someday" We'll be there with Him, and sit at His side!
With Angels all around, and God's love forever we'll abide!!
Clyde L. Heathcock, Sr
All Rights Reserved



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