This page is dedicated to Doede Poston for all the prayers,
cards, emails, support and encouragement she has given
me during this difficult journey I am traveling. As a small token
of my gratitude, I created this page for my special friend.

The Gift Of Friendship

You've touched my heart
with your thoughtfulness,
Your encouragement and your prayers...

There is nothing more precious
than friendship
From those who show they truly care!.

There's a bond that is formed
between us
One that the world cannot measure...

This God given friendship
which you've given to me
Is one of my greatest treasures!

We've shared our moments of happiness
as well as some sadness
Which we all at times must go through!

I knew that you all would be there
for me, and you knew that I'd
Also be there for you too!

I thank you for giving this gift to me
and my friendship
I give to you in return....

Because you are so special to me
my candle of friendship
for you, always will burn!

Thank you for very everything you do!!
Rhonda Heath


Created with love