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"A Special Friend"

Doede & baby

I found a special friend in you
When we hooked up on the internet,
I knew it was from the hand of God
From the very first day that we met,

I knew that you were different
in a special, angelic kind of way,
And all because He lives in you
I'm blessed each and everyday,

You speak the word's I need to hear
With faith given to you from above,
And friend I know deep in my heart
You speak them all with Jesus' love,

What more could I possibly ask for
Than to have a friend as dear as you,
For God has blessed me with His love
And all your loving kindness too,

So friend this come's to you today
And it come's straight from my heart,
I pray that we will forever and always
Be special friend's who will never part.

Written by Barbara Henson


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May God bless & keep you,

Love you Doede,


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