To My Friends ~ God Bless You

Dear Doede and Mary Catherine,
You have been in my prayers today and I am so grateful for you.  I wrote this little Poem as a Valentine for you both...

just my way of saying I love you.

God brought us together,
My loving  friends.
And Only He knew why –
But I cannot doubt
When he looks down,
There’s a twinkle in His eye.
For He had made us Sisters,
Long before we knew why
He “linked” us to each other
In ways we can't deny –
We know each others hearts-
And when we need a prayer -
We know without asking
The other ones are there.
God blessed me when He made you
My Sisters by His grace.
You've given me loving kindness
When times I couldn't  face
I love you, my dear Sisters.
You've always prayed for me
And I know that together
His precious face we'll see.
On that sweet day, when we see Jesus
And stand before Him at His throne
We'll be standing with each other
As we have always done.
Love always,
Valentine's Day - 2006



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