Learning the difference between Faith and Trust is often a daily and always a lifetime struggle. God wants us to Trust Him for and in all things. By our actions (not our feelings) we are saying to God we trust in Him for each problem we encounter. We can have faith in God for all things, but learning to trust God for and in all things is another matter.
I will explain the difference at the end of this message.

We need to learn to praise the Lord as much for a closed door as we do an open door. The reason God closes doors is because He has not prepared anything over there for us. If he didn't close the wrong door, we would never find the right door.

God directs our path through the closing and opening of doors. Once a door closes, It forces you to change your course. Another door closes, it forces you to change your course again. Then, finally, you find the open door and you walk right into your blessing.

One time, a person had a bank they had been in business with for many years tell them "no" to a $10,000 loan. The Lord put in their spirit to call another bank. That bank gave them $40,000 at a lower interest rate than the first bank was offering.

We can sometimes trap ourselves in doubt and discouragement through judging by appearances. Be grateful for the many times our Father has closed doors to us just to open them in the most unexpected places.

The Lord won't always say in spoken words: "Go to the left, now to the right" ...sometimes He will just close the doors that are wrong for you.

We must realize a closed door can be a blessing. Didn't He say that no good thing would He withhold from them that love Him?

If you get terminated from your job, praise God for the new opportunities that will manifest themselves: it might be another job, it might be school. If that man or woman won't return your call, it might not be them, it might be the Lord setting up a road block (just let it go).

The Lord directs our paths through the opening and closing of doors, but instead of praising him for the closed door (which keeps us out of trouble); we get upset because we "judge by the appearances."

You have an ever-present help in the time of trouble that is always standing guard. Because He walks ahead of you, He can spot trouble down the road and set up a roadblock or detour accordingly. But through our lack of wisdom, we try to tear down the roadblocks or push aside the detour sign. Then the minute we get into trouble, we start crying, "Lord, how could You have done this to me?" We have got to realize that the closed door can be a blessing.

Here’s how it works…. When a problem comes to you, no matter how serious or how small, God already knows about it. He wants you to trust Him for this problem and the best way to do this is through prayer and reading His Word. You may pray to God and tell Him you trust Him for the problem, but when your prayer is done you may still feel worried and scared about it. You may not be able to help how you feel but you can help your actions, Amen? So, if after you pray, you still feel worried… pray again and tell God how you feel. You may as well be honest, God already knows how you feel.

When you pray about a problem try telling God you trust Him for it. Then tell God that although you may not feel like you trust Him, you are going to act like you do. That’s when your feelings have to be lined up with your actions. You have to act like you trust God and soon your feelings come under the control of your actions.

Faith is one thing but trust is quite another.

Someone once explain the difference between faith and trust this way:

"Suppose you are at Niagara Falls and you see a well known high-wire walker with a wheelbarrow. He has a wire strung across Niagara Falls and when you walk up to him he ask you if you believe he can push the wheelbarrow across the falls. You tell him you most certainly have faith in him to do just that. After all, you’ve seen him do it many times before and you know he’s an expert.

Now, faith is believing he can do it… but trust would be to climb into the wheelbarrow."

Can you climb into God’s wheelbarrow and let Him push you across Niagara Falls (the problems of your life)? Do you have faith ,and trust in God to do it?

~Author known only to God~

My God, I find strength in hope, convinced that "the sufferings of the present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory to come that will be revealed to us."
Romans 1:18






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