You are a special part
of all that I hold dear to heart
And when the days and miles divide us
Our friendship still lives on inside us

The dreams we've shared,
The laughter too.
I love the friend,
I have in you.

Happy Valentine's Day sweet friend

You know friends are never earned they are a gift from the loving God. And they're precious beyond human evaluation. You dare not take them for granted or they'll drift away like smoke. And the warmth of their caring will vanish into the chill of the endless night.

Most of my friends are unknowns. They probably won't even rate an obituary; unless they live and die in a small town somewhere, where nothing much ever happens. But some of my friends are big people. They are famous sensitive and talented. Their names are household words. And yet they are no more precious in God's eyes, or in mine, than those wonderful nobodies who live and die in obscurity.

Who's your friend? He's someone who warns you with a nod. Or, with an unspoken word in hard times, when you are hurting beyond words. She's someone who holds you to her breast, and sighs softly into your hair, when no other medicine could possibly stop the pain.

A friend is someone who clinks a glass against yours. Or, answers the phone at three in the morning, when you're lost. And with a few words of encouragement and concern, makes you realize you're not really lost at all.

Friends come in both sexes in all shapes and sizes. The most important thing they have in common is their ability to share with you your most sky splitting joys. Or, your deepest, most awesome sorrows. I think of all the things I have in this world.
I'm most grateful for my friends...

~Thank you for being my friend~




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