Love is ...
Being happy for the other person
When they are happy,
Being sad for the other person
When they are sad,
Being together in good times
And being together in bad times ...

Love is the source of STRENGTH.


Love is ...
Being honest with yourself
At all times,
Being honest with the other person
At all times,
Telling, listening,
Respecting the truth
And never pretending ...

Love is the source of REALITY.


Love is ...
An understanding that is so complete
That you feel as if you are a part
Of the other person,
Accepting the other person
Just the way they are,
And not trying to change them
To be something else ...

Love is the source of UNITY.


Love is ...
The freedom to pursue your own desires
While sharing your experiences
With the other person,
The growth of one individual
Alongside of and together with the growth
Of another individual ...

Love is the source of SUCCESS.


Love is ...
The excitement of planning things together,
The excitement of doing things together ...

Love is the source of the FUTURE.


Love is ...
The fury of the storm,
The calm in the rainbow ...

Love is the source of PASSION.


Love is giving and taking
In a daily situation,
Being patient with each other's
Needs and desires ...

Love is the source of SHARING.


Love is ...
Knowing that the other person
Will always be with you
Regardless of what happens,
Missing the other person
When they are away
But remaining near in heart at all times ...

Love is the source of SECURITY.


Love is ...

The source of LIFE!


~ © Susan Polis Schutz ~

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