On My Wedding Day

~How Smokie proposed to Megan~

Meagan was called by her daddy to meet him at their church. When she walked into the church her dad was sitting in the lobby and he appeared very serious.

Meagan thought maybe someone had died. Then her dad told her to go into the Sancuary. When she entered, she found there were only candle lights for lighting the room.

At the front pew set Smokey.. She set down beside him.

He said, "Meagan do your remember this is the first place we met?"

She said, "Yes I do."

He then said, "And you introuduced yourself to me?"

Smokie then kneeled down and looking into her eyes, he asked this question, "Meagan will you marry me?"

With tears of Joy, she said, "Yes I will!"

Then he opened the Bible he held in his hands, to Ecclesiastes 9:9 ( a favorite scripture of theirs ).

Inside this Bible( laying on this scripture ) was Meagan's engagement and wedding rings. He then placed her engagement ring on her finger.

He handed her the Bible, his gift to her for all the special moments in their lives with the presence of Christ.

Only her FIRST name was in this Bible- along with the date: May 3, 2003. Smokie then placed on her finger the wedding ring, and now another name has been added; Hurst.


Smokie and Megan Hurst








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