When growing up, I recall discussions about how it is impossible for animals to go to heaven; being that they don't have a spirit. How could they have one, being that they do not talk and, thus, can not understand or communicate with God? Or, at least, that was the winning argument.

Though, I have wondered, more and more, how it would be impossible for them not to have a spirit, after having our current cat; Whiskers. We have never had one like him before.

When we snap our fingers, in disapproval, Whiskers whines. When his preference is to be disobedient, he will whine as if we have scolded him already. Knowing he will get into trouble, Whiskers proceeds to do the very thing he knows not to do, anyway ... fully anticipating that we will immediately tell him to stop, for which he reluctantly does; perhaps also testing to see if we care enough to respond.

In every way, Whiskers appears to have the feelings and understanding of a toddler. He even talks back to us when he does not like the rules.  Others have stated they have never heard a cat make sounds like he does; somewhat like how a baby's cry has different meanings.

When our hands are full and we need to open a door, Whiskers will reach for the doorknob and attempt to open it for us.  He has the gift of helps! When he wants us to open a door for him, he will do the same. He already knows Bible! "Ask and ye shall receive."

With the aroma of cooking, Whiskers will run to the kitchen. Much like we did as children, he is prepared to rinse the pots and bowls by licking the tasty residue (Being in the age of dishwashers, germs are not a problem.)

At meal time, Whiskers will select a chair around the kitchen table, just like any other member of the family; patiently awaiting (most of the time) scraps (Just don't leave your plate until you are finished eating.)

Like children might sneak cookies (the evidence later to be revealed) we discover pieces of food Whiskers has snitched, then hid to eat. It is not a good idea to leave white powdered donuts out, even with the box lid closed. That is one of Whiskers' all-time favorites.

Whenever we leave the house, Whiskers watches out the window, anticipating our return; missing us, I am sure.  Upon arrival and before we get to an entry, he has already scurried there to greet us.

It really is not all that different from picking up your toddler from the baby-sitter, how they run to the door, "Mommy!" If Whiskers has not greeted us, we know to check to see if he has become sick or gotten closed in a closet.

Surely, animals must care intensely, being that they take on the family health problems.

Also, each member of the family has a different place in his heart.  Whiskers responds to the one who feeds him as if they were his mother and that is, also, the person he cries to when the bowl is empty.

To his playmate, Whiskers jumps on them, attacks, and does all sorts of silly things.  His personality is so entertaining. Much like a Sanguine, he is sure
to bring a smile.

To another, he is so romantic that everyone in the house is drawn to watch him. Whiskers will love on you as if you are the most precious person this side of heaven.

The unconditional love one gets from Whiskers is as heartwarming as any toddler. If you are in tune to listen to his heart, more joyous than his purr, you will know he knows 'love'; and God is love.

These are just a few of the things leading me to think Whiskers almost has to be part human.

Then, when the subject of animals came up, around my 12-year-old niece, I overheard her say, "Well, of course animals go to heaven! Everything God created will be in heaven!" Like, duh.

All the world will cry out that there is a God.  Oh, the wisdom of a child!

Maybe God blessed us with Whiskers so I would ponder such things and be able to offer assurance to those who have lost pets; as, now, I know when our beloved pets die we will see them again.

by Joyce C. Lock




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