I walked out on my porch this morning
As the coolness kissed my face
Before the sun had ever risen
I looked upon His grace

As I gazed upon the darkness
Of the early morning sky
Stars sparkled like diamonds galore
A gift from above, held right before my eyes

I looked upon His grace this morning
As it so wonderfully filled my heart
What a way to greet the day!
What a magnificent start!

To know there is this beautiful path
That someday my soul will take
As I walk among the Heavenly stars
To the Beautiful Pearly Gates

Before I go to bed tonight
I'll look up... once more
As I graciously kneel in honor
Of the One, that I adore

By Brenda Conley (c) 2002

Thank you, Brenda, for allowing us to use your poem.
To visit Brenda's site click onto her name.

God will leave the light on for you...





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