First Day of Winter

Fall has fallen
Winter rises.
Now's the time
For cold surprises.

Icicles' long pointed noses,
Flakes like daisies, diamonds, roses.
Snow up to the windowsill
And everything so very still.
~Patricia Hubbell~


Winter, winter, winter,
When are you going away?
I love it when you snow, but I hate it when you stay.
At first I start to play, until the end of day.
But when the snow gets hard, I wish you go away.

Samuel Earle

Ode To The Falling Snow

All at once the sky was a blanket of white,
And the snow fell silently through the night,
And in the morning they awoke,
To find snowy billows of smoke.

There legs could not carry them fast enough,
To sculpt a snowman coarse and rough,
And know that with this momentary joy,
No modern age garget could decoy.

And then came the nights sad abyss,
When the ground gives the snow its final kiss,
And in the morning the earth with water rushes,
Like a thrush retreating to the bushes.

Nick Hilton


*Winter Clothes*

Under my hood I have a hat
And under that
My hair is flat.
Under my coat
My sweater's blue,
My sweater's red.
I'm wearing two.

My muffler muffles to my chin
And round my neck
And then tucks in.
My gloves were knitted
By my aunts.
I've mittens too
And pants
And pants
And boots
And shoes
With socks inside.
The boots are rubber, red and wide.
And when I walk
I must not fall
Because I can't get up at all.
~Karla Kuskin~

*To My Friend At Winter*

May your winter be full of love,

Laughter and the warmth of family.

Don't stick your tongue

On anything frozen ~LOL~


Did you know this?

Some things can make your taste bud receptors less sensitive, like cold foods or drinks. An ice pop made from your favorite juice won't taste as sweet as plain juice. If you suck on an ice cube before you eat a food you don't like, you won't notice the bad taste.

I didn't know that... Did you?


And now, may God bless you my friend...





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